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Tools for inspecting, analyzing and optimizing ELF files.
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ELF Dissector

Static analysis tool for ELF libraries and executables.

Main Use-Cases

ELF Dissector is useful if you need to do one or more of the following tasks:

  • Inspecting forward and backward dependencies, on library and symbol level.
  • Identifying load-time performance bottlenecks such as expensive static contructors or excessive relocations.
  • Size profiling of ELF files.


  • ELF structure browser.
  • Tree map visualization of the size of the various parts of an ELF file.
  • Relocation heatmap.
  • Built-in disassmbler for x86 and AArch64.
  • Browser for data type memory layouts extracted from DWARF debug information.
  • Forward and backward dependency viewer.

Esoteric/experimental features

ELF Dissector also doubles as a research platform for more experimental work around ELF files and loading/dynamic linking. Some of this is only available in CLI tools. Use at your own risk.

  • Identifying sub-optimal struct packing.
  • Optimizing dependency order by lookup hit rate probability.
  • Identifying duplicate vtable or typeinfo emission.
  • Loading/dynamic linking profiler.
  • Identifying unused symbols in a set of ELF files.
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