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Flatpak Build Status See here
Craft Appimage Build Status Build Status
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macOS Build Status Build Status

For macOS builds with Apple Silicon, watch progress at

About Kdenlive

Kdenlive is a Free and Open Source video editing application, based on MLT Framework and KDE Frameworks 5. It is distributed under the GNU General Public License Version 3 or any later version that is accepted by the KDE project.

Building from source

Instructions to build Kdenlive are available in the dev-docs folder.

Testing Kdenlive via Nightly Builds

  • AppImage (Linux):
  • Flatpak (Linux):
    • Add the kde flatpak repository (if not already done) by typing flatpak remote-add --if-not-exists kdeapps --from on a command line. (This step may be optional in your version of Flatpak.)
    • Install kdenlive nightly with flatpak install kdeapps org.kde.kdenlive.
    • Use flatpak update to update if the nightly is already installed.
    • Attention! If you use the stable kdenlive flatpak already, the *.desktop file (e.g. responsible for start menu entry) is maybe replaced by the nightly (and vice versa). You can still run the stable version with flatpak run org.kde.kdenlive/x86_64/stable and the nightly with flatpak run org.kde.kdenlive/x86_64/master (replace x86_64 by aarch64 or arm depending on your system)
  • Windows:
  • macOS:

Note * - nightly/daily builds are not meant to be used in production.

Contributing to Kdenlive

Please note that Kdenlive's Github repo is just a mirror: read this explanation for more details.

The prefered way of submitting patches is a merge request on the KDE GitLab on if you are not familar with the process there is a step by step instruction on how to submit a merge reqest in KDE context.

We welcome all feedback and offers for help!

  • Talk about us!
  • Report bugs you encounter (if not already done)
  • Help other users on the forum and bug tracker
  • Help to fill the manual
  • Complete and check application and documentation translation
  • Prepare video tutorials (intro, special tricks...) in your language and send us a link to add in homepage or doc
  • Detail improvement suggestions we don't test every (any?) other video editor, so give precise explanations
  • Code! Help fixing bugs, improving usability, optimizing, porting... register on KDE infrastructure, study its guidelines, and pick from roadmap. See here for more information