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Plasma Demo Webbrowser for Mobile Devices
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Plasma Mobile Browser

This is an experimental webbrowser designed to

  • be used on small mobile devices,
  • integrate well in Plasma workspaces

It is built on top of QtWebEngine, and thus requires Qt 5.4.

Preliminary roadmap:

  • browser navigation: back + forward + reload
  • browser status
  • Implement URL bar
  • Error handler in UI
  • history store, model and UI
  • bookmarks store, model and UI
    • add / remove
  • in-window navigation: tabs vs. top bar
  • SSL error handler
  • Touch actions (pinch?) (done in QtWebEngine)
  • user-agent to request mobile site
  • open and close new tabs
  • History based completion
  • Right click / long press menu
  • purpose integration (for kdeconnect)
  • adblock
  • kwallet integration
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