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Spectacle - The KDE Screenshot Utility

Spectacle is a screenshot taking utility for the KDE desktop. Spectacle can also be used in non-KDE X11 desktop environments.


Spectacle is developed under the KDE umbrella and uses KDE infrastructure for development.

Please see the file CONTRIBUTING for details on coding style and how to contribute patches. Please note that pull requests on GitHub aren't supported. The recommended way of contributing patches is via KDE's instance of GitLab at

Release Schedule

Spectacle is released by KDE's release service and has three major releases every year. They are numbered YY.MM, where YY is the two- digit year and MM is the two-digit month. Major releases are made in April, August and December every year. The Spectacle version follows the KDE release service version.

Reporting Bugs

Please report bugs at KDE's Bugzilla, available at

For discussions, the #kde-devel IRC channel and the kde-devel mailing list are good places to post.

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