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Perl debugger
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How to run:

perl -d:DebugHooks::Terminal

## Debug remotely
# FIX harcoded server:port at
# on remote server with IP
perl -d:DebugHooks::Server
# on local 9000
# if server on same machine

Quick guide for commands:

s - single step. Trace into
n - single step. Trace over
r - return from sub.
go - run script until the end or next trap
go N - run script to 'N' line
q - quit debugger
R - restart debugging. Works only while remotely debugging script runned under uwsgi

f - list all files
f regex - list all files that match regex
f N - set 'N' file as current

l . - list source at current step
l - list next source page
l $coderef - deparce subroutine
l -N - list source for N frame
l &N - deparse subroutine for N frame

vars - show variables visible from current step
vars N - show variables visible from N frame
vars N $var - show value from $var variable at N frame

t [$x|@x|%x] - trace and log into 'vars.log' access to given variable

T - stack trace.
T N - show only N last frames
NOTICE: stacktrace will shows GOTO!!! frames also

b - list all traps
b . - set trap at current step
b . condition - set conditional trap
b [+|-][file:|M:]N - set trap at given file:line
	+ - enable trap
	- - disable trap
	file - absolute path to file
	M - number from 'f' command output
	N - line number at file
save|load - Save/Load info about traps into ~/.dbginit file

a expr - set action
A expr - remove action
w expr - set watch
W expr - remove watch

expr - evaluate 'expr' from user's script perspective
e expr - evaluate 'expr' from user's script perspective and Data::Dump::pp results

ge - run editor for current file
ge file:N - run editor for given file

This module implement for shortcut invader operator x::x; this is same as $DB::single = 1;

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