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Lint and Test Compatible with latest dependencies

KILT JavaScript / TypeScript SDK

The open-source KILT SDK is written in TypeScript and enables developers to quickly and easily build dApps around new business use cases. KILT is a protocol for self-sovereign data and interoperability built on top of the permissionless KILT blockchain. The SDK provides collection of classes and methods to interact with the KILT Protocol.

  • Self-sovereign data. Have ownership of your digital and analog identities, with control over who your users share that data with. Providing that extra layer of flexibility and security.
  • Interoperability. Claim Types (CTYPEs) facilitate the adoption of standardised credential content structures.


Head over to our official website or our documentation hub to explore what KILT can offer to new and existing projects.

To help improve, please refer to our contribution page.

How to install the SDK

Install the KILT-SDK by running the following commands:

npm install @kiltprotocol/sdk-js

or with yarn:

yarn add @kiltprotocol/sdk-js

How to embed the bundle in HTML

We include UMD bundles in our release and prerelease NPM publishes. They can be used to easily embed our complete SDK.

<script src=""></script>

You can find the library on window.kilt, and use it completely dependency free.

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