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KILT Testnet (Mash-net) SDK

The KILT SDK is a collection of classes and methods that application developers can utilize to interact with the KILT Network. The SDK is provided in Typescript.

Read the getting started guide, or browse the API documentation.

How to use

Use within your project with yarn add @kilt/sdk-js

Development setup

You can use different SDK branches or versions, by linking it into your projects locally.

Execute yarn link in the SDK and copy the command in the output, which should look like this:

yarn link "@kiltprotocol/sdk-js"

Go into your project folder and execute that second command.

The SDK is now symlinked in your projects node_modules folder

Before you see your changes from the SDK, you have to build it, by executing yarn build.

Removing the link

Execute yarn unlink "@kiltprotocol/sdk-js" in the project folder.

After that execute yarn install --check-files to get the version from the registry back.

Release / Deployment

Deployment is triggered by a push to the master branch as a result to a release build.

To build a release, start the release build job for the SDK in AWS CodeBuild. See here for more info on building releases.

As a result of a release build, a new version of the SDK is published to the NPM registry.

Note: Don't forget to reference the correct version in the client and services


Test coverage does not seem to be fail in all cases, except for testWatch.


AWS build fails

If the sdk build fails on AWS, please check the error log. Usually it says

npm ERR! publish Failed PUT 403
npm ERR! code E403
npm ERR! You cannot publish over the previously published versions: 0.0.3. : @kiltprotocol/sdk-js

This is on purpose as a new push to master branch triggers a build, but should not automatically and unintended release a new version.

Please update package.json's version in order to publish a new version to the registry by AWS after pushing to master.

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