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Some useful PHP classes.
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PHP Classes

Some useful PHP Classes written and used by KIMB-technologies.

Also see the PHP-Doc!

All classes, except for the RedisCache, just need a default PHP installation greater 7.0. The redis class uses the PHPRedis from PECL pecl install redis.
Use the docker-compose file to run the examples, just open http://localhost:8080/.


A JSON based data storage class. Store strings, integers, booleans and arrays in a JSON file. Supports file locking for thread save reading and writing of files. Support for multiple files and multiple folders.

  • Add, update and remove values
  • Add as array or get as array
  • Search values
  • Check values

→ Example Code


A Redis Cache abstraction class for PECL redis. Open a group containing single values and arrays of values. Set the expire time for values.

→ Example Code


Some static helper functions.

  • Clean a string to use as filename
  • Check something with a regex
  • Generate random string from chars


A small template class for PHP. A template is written in HTML using placeholders. The PHP class will load the template and is able to fill the placeholdes with given values.

  • Multilanguage, a template per language
  • SiteURL as default placeholder
  • Include a template in another
  • Multiple placeholders, a part of the template is multiplied for an array of values
  • A template consists of the HTML files for each language and a JSON listing all placeholders

→ Example Code

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