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Steem Witness Price Feed Publishing Tool

Install nodejs & npm

If you already have nodejs & npm installed you can skip this section, but I wanted to include it here for thoroughness. Run the following commands to install nodejs and npm in order to run the pricefeed software:

$ sudo apt-get update
$ curl -sL | sudo -E bash -
$ sudo apt-get install -y nodejs
$ sudo apt-get install npm
$ sudo apt-get install nodejs-legacy

Setup & Installation

Clone the project repo into the "pricefeed" directory:

$ git clone pricefeed

Update the config.json file with your witness account name and private active key as described in the Configuration section below.

Run in background with PM2

I suggest using the PM2 software to manage and run your nodejs programs in the background. Use the following commands to install PM2 and run the pricefeed program:

$ npm install pm2 -g
$ pm2 start feed.js
$ pm2 logs feed

If everything worked you should not see any errors in the logs and a price feed transaction should have been published to your account.


  "rpc_nodes": [											// List of RPC nodes to use
  "account": "witness_account_name",						// Name of your Steem witness account
  "active_key": "witness_account_private_active_key",		// Private active key of your Steem witness account
  "interval": 60,											// Number of minutes between feed publishes
  "peg_multi": 1											// Feed bias setting, quote will be set to 1 / peg_multi