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== 3.1.1
* Fixed an issue with single quotes appearing in dates formatting.
* Added support for locale codes that have region code in lower case.
* Fixed time zone formatting for DateTime objects.
== 3.1.0
* Updated resources from CLDR v26 (except the collation data).
* Added support for ordinal plurals.
* Added PostalCodes#find_all method.
* Added negative numbers abbreviation.
* Fixed pluralization for abbreviated numbers.
* Fixed pluralization rules by not merging 'en' rules into every locale.
== 3.0.10
* Adding Date back in as a localizable object.
== 3.0.9
* Fixing date and time formatting issue where calling `to_additional_s` on an instance of `LocalizedDate` could raise an error.
== 3.0.8
* Fixing issue causing extraneous single quotes to appear in formatted dates and times.
== 3.0.7
* Territories containment support.
== 3.0.6
* Add en-150 and es-419 locales.
== 3.0.5
* Fixed short numbers formatting for ru and other locales that use patterns
with literal periods.
== 3.0.4
* Fixed short numbers formatting for ja, ko, af, and a few other locales.
* Added more locales: de-CH, en-AU, en-CA, en-GB, en-IE, en-SG, en-ZA,
es-CO, es-MX, es-US, fr-BE, fr-CA, fr-CH, it-CH.
== 3.0.3
* Rubinius support.
== 3.0.2
* Adding ability to generate sample postal codes from their regexes.
== 3.0.1
* Fixing abbreviated timespan formats for en-GB (backport from 2.4.3).
== 3.0.0
* Adding maximum_level option to SortKeyBuilder to limit the size of collation sort keys (@jrochkind).
* Significant performance enhancements for normalization via the eprun gem.
* Adding the rule-based number formatters (123 becomes "one hundred twenty-three").
* Major overhaul of most formatters, now using data readers to encapsulate format options and read pattern data.
* Adding support for different numbering systems (eg. arab, latn, etc), number formatter updated accordingly.
* Partial upgrade to CLDR v24 (missing units).
* Support for simple/full/Turkic casefolding. Upper/lowercasing support still needed.
* Support for Unicode regular expressions. Requires oniguruma for use in Ruby 1.8.
* Text segmentation by sentence (word and line support coming soon).
* Executable README.
== 2.4.3
* Fixing abbreviated timespan formats for en-GB.
== 2.4.2
* Fixing non-quoted symbol error in en-GB plural resource file.
== 2.4.1
* Upgrade to CLDR v23.1, ICU4J 51.2.
* Adding en-GB locale (British English).
* Partial support for Ruby 2.0 (yaml no longer breaks, may not dump correctly).
== 2.4.0
* Upgrade to CLDR v23.
* Ability to disable loading of any custom locale resources.
* Long and short decimal formatters now respect the :precision option.
== 2.3.0
* Adding timezone support to date/time formatting.
* Removing the localize method from Date objects. Call to_date on a LocalizedDateTime or LocalizedTime object instead.
== 2.2.0
* Relaxing JSON dependency to give users more version flexibility. JSON gem now has no version number in twitter-cldr-rb.
== 2.1.1
* Modified AdditionalDateFormatSelector to return the correct format on exact format match.
== 2.1.0
* Significant performance improvements (memoization, resource preloading).
* Number parsing.
* Custom Hebrew units (thanks @yarons!)
* Icelandic and Croatian support.
* Global locale setter and fallbacks.
* Support for territories from CLDR.
== 2.0.2
* Added support for Vietnamese.
== 2.0.1
* Fixed bug for additional date formats that was causing the wrong format to be returned.
== 2.0.0
* Added locales ga, ta, gl, cy, sr, bg, ku, ro, lv, be, sq, sk, and bn.
* Added additional date formats.
* Upgraded to CLDR 22.1.
* Imported currency symbols and formatting rules from CLDR.
* Added support for short/long numbers (eg. 1M for 1,000,000).
* Improved RCov/Simplecov support.
* Added custom Hungarian plurals rule.
* Added support for approximate timespans (relative times).
=== 1.9.1
* Locale resources now exported without Unicode escape sequences.
=== 1.9.0
* Included Unicode-safe YAML dumping support via an adaptation of the ya2yaml gem.
* Implemented the Unicode Bidirectional Algorithm to help reorder mixed right-to-left and left-to-right text.
* Added list formatting support.
=== 1.8.1
* Improved, more accurate Finnish and Chinese collation support.
* Moved JavaScript build environment to twitter-cldr-js.
=== 1.8.0
* Added support for language code conversion.
* `#localize` methods (eg. for Hash, String, etc) now dynamically generated, part of the `TwitterCldr::Localized` namespace.
* New convenience method `TwitterCldr::Normalization#normalize`.
=== 1.7.0
* Wrote rake tasks to update CLDR and ICU resources.
* All resource files now written with symbolized keys so the gem doesn't have to recursively symbolize them on load.
* Unicode code points now represented internally with integers instead of strings for better performance.
* Added number formatting in JavaScript.
* Added telephone code lookup functionality (per country) and postal code validation.
=== 1.6.2
* Collation tries now loaded from marshal dumps, collation running time improved by ~80%.
=== 1.6.1
* Added case-first collation element tailoring support for languages like Danish.
* Included a missing development dependency (ruby_parser).
=== 1.6.0
* Added locale-aware collation via fractional collation element tailoring.
* Added #sort and #sort! methods to LocalizedArray.
* Added JavaScript relative time functionality, eg. "2 seconds ago".
=== 1.5.0
* Added collation (sorting) support via the Unicode Collation Algorithm.
* Added Catalan, Basque, Greek, Afrikaans, Ukrainian, and Czech support along with calendar fixes for existing locales.
* DateTimeTokenizer now falls back on English if the given locale isn't supported.
=== 1.4.1
* Added ability to use NFC and NFKC in core_ext/string
=== 1.4.0
* Added NFC and NFKC algorithms.
* Refactored Shared::UnicodeData::Attributes into Shared::CodePoint.
=== 1.3.6
* Added relative time functionality, eg. "2 seconds ago".
=== 1.3.0
* Reorganized locale resources.
* Added explicit specs for examples in the README.
* ArgumentError now raised if a resource can't be found.
* Fixed behavior of the :precision option for number formatting.
* Updated CLDR data to v21 (
* Added support for localized arrays (i.e. arrays of Unicode code points).
=== 1.2.0
* Added NFKD normalization algorithm.
* Formatter tokens now cached for better performance.
* Improvements to core extensions (Symbol, Date, etc).
* Added full normalization test from
* Autoload classes to improve performance.
=== 1.1.0
* Plural support [@KL-7]
* Unicode data, decomposition [@timothyandrew]
=== 1.0.1
* Fixed a US-ASCII bug that caused rake errors. This fix applies to both Ruby 1.8 and 1.9.
* Fixed a regexp error in a test function, as well as a tokenizer bug. All tests now pass.
* Added support for Travis, a distributed build platform.
=== 1.0.0
* Look ma, I'm open source!
=== 0.1.4
* Added functionality to gracefully fall back on default locale if chosen locale is unsupported.
=== 0.1.3
* Added support for Arabic, Hebrew, Farsi, Thai, and Urdu.
=== 0.1.2
* Added world language support.
=== 0.1.1
* Localized dates, times, and datetimes can now be interchangeably converted to each other.
* Fixed a bug that would not allow lookup of resource data by string (only symbol).
* Added really basic plural support.
=== 0.1.0
* Birthday!