A collection of miscellaneous code utilities and snippets.
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Kajabity-Tools GitHub Repository

Kajabity Tools is a growing collection of code utility classes which I have refactored from applications I have written.

This repository contains several sub-projects:

  • Kajabity Tools - a DLL project providing a collection of utilities for .NET projects.
  • Kajabity Tools.Test - NUnit tests for the Kajabity Tools utilities.
  • Samples - a collection of sample Desktop application projects illustrating the use of some of Kajabity Tools utility classes.

See the Releases section on GitHub to download copies of code, DLL exe's and NuGets.

Kajabity Tools DLL is a strongly named assembly and is available from nuget.org as Kajabity.Tools.

Full documentation is available at http://www.kajabity.com/kajabity-tools/.

Version 0.3 documentation is still available at http://www.kajabity.com/content/kajabity-tools/.