Android application for monitoring driver behavior.
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Acceleration Alert is an open source Android application that monitors the driving behavior of any vehicle for specific events involving periods of high acceleration. The application is intended to select events during a road trip that could be considered dangerous event.

A dangerous driving event could include rapid acceleration, rapid braking or extreme corning. The magnitude and sensitivity of these dangerous driving events can be defined by the user. Once a dangerous driving event is detected, the data occurring a short period before the event and the entire event are logged to a .csv formatted file and saved to a folder on the device. The data log can also be emailed to a Gmail account. Note that we do not collect any of the trip information, but the application can be set up to share trip information with yourself or other parties. This makes Acceleration Alert ideal for monitoring your own driving behavior or the driving behavior of many people. Acceleration Alert supports linear acceleration optimized for vehicle use on all devices. This means that the application can operate in any orientation, there is no need to "level" the device or mount the device (although the device should always be secured while in a vehicle).


  • Monitor driver behavior
  • Define dangerous driving thresholds
  • Track the speed, location and magnitude of each recorded event
  • Track entire routes while recording each individual event
  • Capture driver feedback for each individual event and overall route
  • Visualize the acceleration of each event in real-time
  • Email detailed route and individual event logs to a preconfigured Gmail account
  • Operates in any orientation... There is no need to level the device

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Written by Kircher Electronics