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Dropbox Screen Grabber 2.0 - (24.05.2010)
* Added ability to automatically grab screenshots at defined time intervals
* Added ability to export and import settings
* Added ability to restore settings to default
* If Dropbox installation cannot be detected automatically, user can now manually set the location of the "My Dropbox" folder
* New taskbar menu icons
Dropbox Screen Grabber 1.6 - (22.05.2010)
* Fixed the application / taskbar icon title issue
* Screenshot filename prefix can now be changed in the settings
* Reorganized the settings dialog and made it more user friendly
* Option for automatically resizing a screenshot before saving has been added to the settings
Dropbox Screen Grabber 1.5 - (19.05.2010)
* Changed the public URL from to
* User can now specify image quality when the JPEG format is selected
* User can now select to automatically shorten the URLs which are copied to the clipboard using the service
Dropbox Screen Grabber 1.4 - (16.05.2010)
* Better Dropbox path detection - it should now work on both 0.7 and 0.8 branches
* User can now choose in which format the captured screenshots are saved (PNG, JPG)
Dropbox Screen Grabber 1.3 - (05.11.2009)
* Fixed a bug which caused the wrong public file URL to be saved to the clipboard if user has set the custom screenshot save directory
Dropbox Screen Grabber 1.2 - (27.10.2009)
* User can choose arbitrary folder inside Dropbox public folder where the screenshots are saved
* Simple update check system, which allows you to check if there is a new version available
* Other minor fixes
Dropbox Screen Grabber 1.1 - (24.10.2009)
* Only one instance of the program is allowed to run
* System wide hot-keys can be customized
* Automatic public file URL copying to clipboard after taking the screenshot can be enabled or disabled
* Add system-tray menu icons
* New application icon
* Other minor code improvements
Dropbox Screen Grabber 1.0 (20.10.2009)
* Initial release