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Antigone Notes cover fragment

Antigone Notes by Katarina Kelsey

This is the modular open-source digital edition of the artist's book Antigone Notes by Katarina Kelsey.
The repository contains Markdown and TEI encodings of the text, images and complimentary audio content. The purpose of the repository is to provide access to the content of the artist's book in a machine readable, structured, sustainable and flexible form. This offers the opportunity for the author and the users of the repository to interact with the artist's book in a programmable way and further experiment, collaborate and publish their own digital editions.

The primary source document used to compile the digital edition is the print version of the same work, originally made in a limited edition of 15 copies in response to AMBruno’s 2015 Red project. In Antigone Notes, Katarina Kelsey takes a single line from Hölderlin’s (1982) controversial translation of Sophocles’ Antigone, and explores the process and the role of translation in conveying the meaning of red throughout the story. She achieves this by textually interrogating various sources, employing creative translation practices, and materially presenting the results of her research process through transfer prints, heavily waxed and flaking paper and silicone.

Antigone Notes consists of 4 booklets and a loose information sheet, enclosed in a silicone cover, with a piece of black thread impressed on the front cover. The copies of the original print version of Antigone Notes are currently held at Tate library, Chelsea College of Arts library and Leeds College of Art library.

Page sequencing

The sequencing of the pages of the print edition is retained in the naming of the image files in the repository.

Directory structure and content

The structure of the directory reflects the different data types available.

Data types

  • TEI encoding in .xml
  • Markdown encoding in .md
  • Images in .png
  • Images in individual folders containing web view exports created by Image Markup Tool containing .jpg, .xml, .xsl, .js, .css and an .htm file which shows the data in a browser.
  • Audio files are in .mp3

Feel free to add GitHub Issue if you require additional data types.

Usage guidelines

All contents of this repository can be used individually or together to develop new editions of the work, or to develop new works. The repository is published under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International license. The contents are published as they are and the author does not offer any warranties.

Please provide attribution both to Katarina Kelsey and AMBruno when using any of the data in this repository.


These guidelines are written and compiled by Miglena Minkova, edited by Katarina Kelsey. This repository and it's contents are created as part of Miglena Minkova's master's thesis for the course Digital Libraries and Information Services at University of Boras, Sweden.