OpenGL ICD for Virtio-GPU Windows driver
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Keenuts licensing: added same BSD license as VirtIO project
Signed-off-by: Nathan Gauer <>
Latest commit 8fed8c2 Oct 18, 2017
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opengl_tests demo: tweak clear mode and code switch Aug 25, 2017
test_suite test-suite: fixed tests to follow new behaviour Aug 21, 2017
virtio-gpu-win-icd state-tracker: fixed bad rasterizer parameter and framebuffer setup Aug 28, 2017
.gitignore misc: added vim swap + ctags to .gitignore Aug 25, 2017
LICENSE licensing: added same BSD license as VirtIO project Oct 30, 2017 doc: added TODO May 20, 2017 doc: updated TODO May 20, 2017
compile.bat compilation: adding compilation helper Aug 24, 2017
deploy_release.bat refact: refactorized driver_api code and dll deployment Aug 8, 2017

[IN PROGRESS] Windows ICD for Qemu/KVM

Temporary repo for an OpenGL ICD.