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A Scaladoc that shows how to do scaladoc
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src/main/scala/com/keithpinson/docSample Scaladoc v2.10.0M1 update Added another observation about Scaladoc v2.10.0M1
makedoc.bat Scaladoc v2.10.0M1 update

A Demonstration of How to Use Scaladoc

Please view the API for the details.

  • Check out the source code to see examples of how scaladoc is used -- use it like a tutorial
  • The generated API can be used like a scaldoc manual -- the syntax page will probably be the most useful

Scaladoc 2.10.0M1 problems with backticks have been fixed. But if you were enclosing in backticks to take text out of the scaladoc processing flow, you will need to find another solution (this works the way it was supposed now.)
  Code marked inside of 3 curly braces is now shown pretty in colors. Place a space after a less-than symbol and a true blank line after a star-slash, until these bugs are corrected.
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