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A Genetic Cars clone that generates cars using a Genetic Algorithm made for Sfwr Eng 3XA3 - Received A+
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This project is a reimplementation of Generic Cars by


The folders and files for this project are as follows:

Doc - Documentation for the project

ProjectSchedule - Grate's project schedule

src - The implementation of GrateBox and test cases

.gitignore - The gitignore file

LICENSE.txt - The license file for GrateBox - The ReadMe file - A BASH script to automatically commit code - A BASH script to automatically launch the webpage

Running the Source Code

To run the source code, open up a terminal and type ./ Note that, as of December 31st, this run script has only been tested on a 64-Bit Windows 10 machine.

Alternatively, you can navigate to the src folder, and double click on GrateBoxBootStrap.html to run the code.

More information on using GrateBox can be found in the User Guide.


  1. Kelvin Lin (Software Engineering and Management, Level 3)
  2. Eric Chaput (Software Engineering, Level 3)
  3. Jin Liu (Software Engineering - Game Design, Level 3)
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