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A simple, pluggable IRC bot.
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nwitch is a simple, pluggable IRC bot written in JavaScript and designed to work in Node.js.

nwitch was initially conceived as a TwitchTV chat moderation bot, whose functions would be defined through individual plugins. However, its scope has since widened, considering how it is the plugins that choose whether to be specific to TwitchTV or not.

Currently, nwitch is in early development. There are no guarantees that anything is working at any particular point in time.


$ npm install nwitch


var Nwitch = require('nwitch');

var nwitch = new Nwitch(config)

Creates a new Nwitch instance with options config:

  • config.irc.address
  • config.irc.port
  • config.account.username
  • config.account.password


Adds the given plugin function. Returns nwitch for chaining.

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