Gallium's AST interpreter as a separate package to simplify development
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The AST Interpreter component of Gallium (i.e. does not include any breakpoint, stuff, etc.). This is a development prototype and comes with it's own debug prompt for that purpose.


using ASTInterpreter

function foo(n)
    x = n+1
    ((BigInt[1 1; 1 0])^x)[2,1]

interp = enter(foo, Environment(Dict(:n => 20),Dict{Symbol,Any}()))

Basic Commands:

  • n steps to the next line
  • s steps into the next call
  • finish runs to the end of the function
  • bt shows a simple backtrace
  • `stuff runs stuff in the current frame's context
  • fr v will show all variables in the current frame
  • f n where n is an integer, will go to the n-th frame.

Advanced commands:

  • nc steps to the next call
  • ns steps to the next statement
  • se does one expression step
  • si does the same but steps into a call if a call is the next expression
  • sg steps into a generated function
  • shadow shows the internal representation of the expression tree (for debugger debugging only)
  • loc shows the column data for the current top frame, in the same format as JuliaParsers's testshell.

This is a prototype, do not expect it to be correct or usable.

Experimental mode

There is an experimental UI mode accessible by setting ASTInterpreter.fancy_mode = true, which attempts to provide a better interface but is not currently not capable of handling all julia code. Use at your own peril.

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