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Kepler/K2 Community Tools

Not an official NASA repository.

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  1. pyke Public

    Easy command line tools for Kepler, K2 & TESS data analysis.

    Python 116 35

  2. k2flix Public

    Create beautiful quicklook movies from the pixel data observed by NASA's Kepler/K2/TESS spacecraft.

    Python 17 7

  3. A repository detailing important science project ideas with Kepler & K2 archive data.

    TeX 17

  4. kpub Public

    Curate publications related to NASA's Kepler/K2 missions using the ADS API.

    Jupyter Notebook 16 6

  5. oktopus Public

    🐙: Maximum likelihood model estimation using scipy.optimize

    Python 16 5

  6. kadenza Public

    Converts raw cadence target data from the Kepler space telescope into astronomer-friendly FITS files.

    Python 12 14


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