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  1. KernelHaven KernelHaven Public

    Main Infrastructure of KernelHaven

    Java 6 4

  2. KconfigReaderExtractor KconfigReaderExtractor Public

    KconfigReader-based Kconfig extractor for KernelHaven

    Java 1 1

  3. MetricHaven MetricHaven Public

    Extension for KernelHaven that allows for easy implementation of software product line metrics.

    Java 1

  4. UndertakerExtractor UndertakerExtractor Public

    Undertaker-based code extractor for KernelHaven


  5. KbuildMinerExtractor KbuildMinerExtractor Public

    KbuildMiner-based Kbuild extractor for KernelHaven

    Java 1

  6. CnfUtils CnfUtils Public

    CNF utility functions for analysis plug-ins.

    Java 1


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