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A reddit extension for Google Chrome
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Latest commit 224c0e9 Jul 12, 2013 @Kerrick Let's get back to work.
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_locales Merge branch 'develop' Jul 12, 2013
css submit again functionality with to Popup.replaceWithSubmitForm() Apr 30, 2012
fancy-settings Desktop notifications now stay on the screen until the user clicks or… Jul 21, 2011
html on startup do a hard reset, not a safe Background.clearCache() Apr 29, 2012
js stupid whitespace fixes Apr 30, 2012
.gitignore ignoring .sublime-project files Apr 30, 2012
.project Aptana 3 project file Jun 16, 2011
LICENSE.markdown Let's get back to work. Jul 12, 2013
README.markdown various quick fixes and cleanups prior to release Jul 19, 2011
manifest.json bumped version number to v1.5.1 Apr 30, 2012
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