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Clipboard management system

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* gpaste-3.10:
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  gnome-shell: we cannot use escape
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GPaste is a clipboard management system. See for more information about what clipboard managers are.

Some libraries are available for development purposes:

  • libgpaste-core contains all the basic objects used by GPaste
  • libgpaste-settings allows you to handle GPaste preferences over dconf
  • libgpaste-keybinder provides functionalities to add custom keybindings to GPaste
  • libgpaste-daemon allows you to write your own GPaste daemon
  • libgpaste-client helps you integrate GPaste in your application
  • libgpaste-gnome-shell-client helps you integrate the gnome-shell dbus API in your application
  • libgpaste-applet allows you to write your own GPaste applet

A default daemon named gpasted is provided, with four keybindings:

  • show history
  • pop the item from the history
  • sync primary selection with clipboard
  • sync clipboard with primary selection

A simple CLI interface is provided: gpaste, with two subcommands: gpaste settings which makes the preferences utility pop, gpaste applet which starts the status icon in your notification area and gpaste app-indicator which starts the unity application indicator.

A native gnome-shell extension is provided.

/!\ Don't forget to run gpaste dr aka gpaste daemon-reexec after upgrading GPaste to activate new functionalities ;)

You can then run gpaste daemon-version to check the correct daemon is now running.

Steps to install it after cloning (skip the ./ part if you're building it from a tarball):

./configure --sysconfdir=/etc --enable-systemd
sudo make install
sudo glib-compile-schemas /usr/share/glib-2.0/schemas/

If you also want to build the status icon, you'll have to pass --enable-applet to configure.

If you also want to build the unity application indicator, you'll have to pass --enable-unity to configure.

You can see everything I'll post about GPaste there.

If you use GNOME 3.9.90 or above

Latest release is: GPaste 3.10.

Direct link to download:

If you use GNOME 3.9.5 or below

Latest release is: GPaste 3.3.1.

Direct link to download:

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