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a .Net wrapper for PlantUml
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PlantUml.Net is a .Net wrapper for PlantUml


Add to your project via NuGet.


var factory = new RendererFactory();

var renderer = factory.CreateRenderer(new PlantUmlSettings());

var bytes = renderer.Render("Bob -> Alice : Hello", OutputFormat.Png);
File.WriteAllBytes("out.png", bytes);

Rendering Modes

PlantUml.Net can render in 2 modes, Local and Remote.

Remote Rendering (default)

Remote rendering mode uses the PlantUml hosted service to render diagrams.

Local Rendering

Local rendering mode uses a local copy of PlantUml to render diagrams.



Install Java. Ensure that the JAVA_HOME environment variable is set.


Download PlantUml. By default PlantUml.Net looks for plantuml.jar in the woring directory; you can specify an alternate location in PlantUmlSettings.

GraphViz Dot (optional)

GraphViz Dot is required for Local rendering mode of any diagram other than sequence.

Install GraphViz Dot You may need to set the GRAPHVIZ_DOT environment variable

see the PlantUml documentation for more detailed instructions.

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