Allows users to put content in template 'blocks' which are defined in, it is useful for client sites when a developer can list template blocks which clients can then add/edit content from easily using the django admin.
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Content Blocks simply allows users to add content to predefined blocks through the django admin.  A user provides a title, chooses from available template positions and finally adds the content.

The main difference of this app in comparison to some of the other template content block apps available is that this allows users to select the template position from a drop down menu, rather than having to remember/guess an obscure key or title for a position.

That is why this app is useful for building websites/applications for clients as a designer/developer can easily list all available template positions and a client can add/edit/delete content as they see fit.


After install and syncdb you should define the CONTENTBLOCKS_POSITION_CHOICES setting as a list of tuples of all the positions that should be made available to users.  This is done in a similar way to the Django models choices attribute.

    ('left_column_top', u'Left Column Top'),
    ('left_column_bottom', u'Left Column Bottom'),
    ('homepage_right_block', u'Homepage Right Block'),

The position ('None', u'None') will be added for you if you do not enter it yourself, which will allow users to specify blocks that should not be shown.

After you have defined positions you should go through your templates and use the template tag as follows:

{% load content_block_tags %}
    <div id="left_column">
      <div id="top">
        {% get_block "left_column_top" %}
        {% if block.left_column_top %}
          {{ block.left_column_top.content }}
        {% endif %}
      <div id="bottom">
        {% get_block "left_column_bottom" %}
        {% if block.left_column_bottom %}
          <h1>{{ block.left_column_bottom.title }}</h1>
          {{ block.left_column_bottom.content }}
        {% endif %}

The attributes available to each block are title and content, and can be accessed as seen in the above example.