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#Static Cling This is a node.js module that allows you to spin up a static file server either from code or from the command line.

###Installing $ npm install static-cling

Don't forget to use the global flag (--g) if you want the command line option everywhere.

###At the command line $ static

Yeah, that's it. You have the option to pass in -p for port, otherwise it defaults to port 3000, -d for directory, if you want to specify a different directory than the one you are in, and lastly -f for the default html page, this defaults to index.html

###In Code Static Cling is available to be used as a module as well if you want to use node to host static files.



If using the module you can override the defaults by providing a config object

var config = {
    root: '.',
    port: 3000,
    filename: 'index.html'
//overriding defaults
cling({ port: 3456, root : './other/', filename: 'test.html' });