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SignServer Community Discuss

Welcome to SignServer – the Open Source Signing Software.

There are two versions of SignServer:

  • SignServer Community (SignServer CE) - free and open source, OSI Certified Open Source Software, LGPL-licensed subset of SignServer Enterprise
  • SignServer Enterprise (SignServer EE) - developed and commercially supported by PrimeKey® Solutions

OSI Certified is a certification mark of the Open Source Initiative.

Get started

To get started with SignServer Community, clone signserver-ce and build it yourself or download our binary distribution, and install it, see SignServer Installation.

You can also easily run SignServer as a container from Docker Hub.

Community Support

In our Community we welcome contributions. The Community software is open source and community supported, there is no support SLA, but a helpful best-effort Community.

Commercial Support

Commercial support is available for SignServer Enterprise.


SignServer Community is licensed under the LGPL license, please see LICENSE.

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