@bogas04 bogas04 released this Sep 28, 2018 · 5 commits to dev since this release

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  • [feature] Release version in footer. (Partially fixes #204 *)
  • [feature] New pagination for search results. (#554)
  • [feature] Highlight is now passed in shortened URL.
  • [feature] Improved breadcrumb.
  • [baani] Add new indices to Index page.
  • [seo] Better description, new image for social media.
  • [fixed] Spacing issue in help section.
  • [fixed] Copy button now copies with new lines. (#546)
  • [fixed] Toast now appears on clicking share/copy etc. (#526)
  • [analytics] WebShare button click.
  • [removed] WhatsApp share button from search results page.

* Now we just need to store the previously visited version by user (in cookie?) and show a blue dot next to version/hamburger whenever there's a difference, and update cookie on click.

@bogas04 bogas04 released this Jul 4, 2018 · 89 commits to master since this release

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📆 Changed:

  • Use consistent highlight method between dark and light mode.
  • #460 Keep 2 word limit on romanized search.


  • Fixed #515 Home page logo is broken on low res devices.
  • Fixed #506 Add a help section for spelling & padched differences.
  • Fixed a regression with SearchForm not reacting to URL changes.
  • Fixed #348 add timeout to fetch requests.
  • Fixed #448 Word break for few cases - Sihari, Bihari, etc.

💥 New:

  • Added reset to font and display options #248 (#501).
  • Highlight search query #476 (#505).
  • Added link to previously read ang on Home page.
  • Added Scroll to Top #490.
  • Added Sundar Gutka #477.
  • Added Vaars to Index page.
  • Added Remote Sync Feature (Not in header menu as of now, but URL is accessible for our own testing).

@bogas04 bogas04 released this Jun 9, 2018 · 76 commits to dev since this release

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UI related:

  • Error screen doesn’t break UI anymore #365
  • Show numeric keyboard for ang mode #489
  • Rename Rehatnama source #484
  • Typo in footer “Charities”. #491
  • Queries are now encoded to fix “phapha pair bindi “&” breaks search”. #482
  • Offline screen is only shown if user is offline and is viewing homepage. #465
  • Typo fix in error text ("unusual").
  • Debounce font-size action. #400
  • Remove English translation from Shabad Meta Box if english isn’t chosen in transliteration/translation #449

Dev related:

  • Upgrade to React 16.4, remove deprecated componentWillReceiveProps API.
  • Improve logic of SearchForm to not abuse a bug in getDerivedStateFromProps.
  • Preconnect to polyfill.io and banidb for perf gains.
  • Moved to husky. #478
  • Move served files to public folder. We had a security flaw wherein sttm.co/server/index.js would reveal server code.

@bogas04 bogas04 released this May 3, 2018 · 138 commits to master since this release

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🏎 Performance:

  • Migrated to Webpack 4 thanks to @harpreet Singh Jee’s contributions!
  • Because of above change, we have reduced our overall JS footprint
    • by 26% (For: landed to home > searched > opened a result).
    • by 2% (landed to home but bounced back).
  • NodeJS updated to 8 by @navdeepsingh, which is 30-50% faster compared to 7, and supports newer syntaxes better, this means better server response times.

👏 User Interface & Visibility:

  • We now set a cookie for darkmode, so that initial load does do a splash of white.
  • theme-color meta info now makes chrome UI blue 💃
  • Grey out next/previous buttons instead of hiding them in Shabad/Ang view.
  • Basic title/description for SEO, this will increase our organic traffic somewhat.

🔧 Fixed:

  • Placeholder animation doesn’t disable search type dropdown
  • Search type/source/query now match URL set fields if present, else whatever you selected last time.
  • Backspace of Gurmuhki Keyboard doesn’t add undefined text to query
  • Share links aren’t naked domain links anymore

🆕 Added:

  • Auto redirect HTTP to HTTPS.
  • Service worker added for offline support and faster repeat loads. To be added in next release after proper testing.
  • Copy all button.
  • Copy short link input.
  • Embed feature.

@bogas04 bogas04 released this Apr 9, 2018 · 144 commits to master since this release

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💥 New #SikhiToTheMax website release!

Fixed a screen rotation bug
🖥 New Dark mode
🏡 Faster icon loading logic.
🏎 Reading ProgressBar for baani pages.
ℹ️ Some more help section entries

@bogas04 bogas04 released this Mar 27, 2018 · 241 commits to master since this release

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Rewrite to use ReactJS


@ManjotS ManjotS released this Feb 27, 2018 · 246 commits to master since this release

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final version using jsx etc