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A browser-based live coding environment.

Also hide loading overlay upon seeing data.results

I'm getting reports from multiple users that the loading overlay
never goes away, despite the canvas loading. I can't replicate,
but it sounds like a timing issue, so I'm also having it hide
when we see data.results come in.

Test Plan:
- Load a program at /cs/new/pjs, see loading overlay disappear

Auditors: john, kevinb
latest commit 75c87ef05f
Pamela Fox pamelafox authored

Live Code Editor

The live code editor developed for the Khan Academy Computer Science curriculum.

How to Use

Demos of how to use the editor can be found in the demos/ directory. Specifically a good place to start is with the simple demo:

LiveEditor Options

To configure the LiveEditor...

How it Works

For a deep dive into the components of the LiveEditor, read this wiki.


You can use the pre-built copies of everything inside the build/ directory. If you wish to make some changes and re-build the library from scratch you'll need to install some dependencies:

git submodule update
npm install
bower install

# Build the Ace editor files
cd bower_components/ace
npm install
node Makefile.dryice.js -nc

At this point you can make a fresh build, using Gulp:

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