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Slack outgoing webhooks to power Khan's deployment process
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Slack Deploy Hooks

The Khan deployment service for Slack

Slack Deploy Hooks replace the old Sun Wukong Hubot plugin and adds a lot of functionality.

This repository is no longer used, and retained only for posterity. See Khan/buildmaster for the new version.


The environment variable DEPLOY_ROOM_ID sets the room in which the hooks will listen. It should be a Slack channel ID, which you can get from the Slack API test client.

For a deploy, you will also need several secrets. The deploy script will give instructions.

Making a deploy


You will need to install Node and npm through the usual channels (0.12.7 or higher, please), and will also need a working gcloud tool for deploying.

Node can be install via the usual brew install node.

Set up the gcloud tool as per instructions. (Note that on Mac you can use brew cask install google-cloud-sdk instead of their installer, if you prefer.)


First, you can optionally provision secrets locally. Instructions will be given on your first deploy.

The Slack deploy hooks are a vanilla Node application, so a simple

$ npm install
$ env SUN_DEBUG=1 SLACK_BOT_TOKEN=`cat .slack_bot_token` npm run monitor

Will give you a fully set-up local copy of khan-sun. You can then easily test it simply by using a tool like httpie and submitting Slack outgoing webhooks and observing the result. For example, to test the sun: ping command:

curl -d 'team_id=T0001&team_domain=example&channel_id=C090KRE5P&channel_name=bot-testing&user_id=U09M5G8G6&user_name=csilvers&text=sun: ping&trigger_word=sun:' localhost:8080

Should give you the response like {}, indicating success, from the HTTP command, and print out the response text in the terminal running Sun. (If you do not see any output, you probably forgot to set the SUN_DEBUG flag specified above.)

Build and Deploy

All you have to do is run npm run deploy and follow directions.

You will need some secrets installed. The deploy script will complain if it can't find them, letting you know the details of which secrets are expected in which files.

You also need to have loggged in with gcloud and must have permissions in the khan-sun project.