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To run the COLLADAMaya plug-in, you need a version of Autodesk Maya installed.
Supported versions are:
Autodesk Maya 2009
NOTE: The "YOUR_MAYA_PATH" used in the following section depends on your Maya
version. Following environment variables to your Maya location are supported:
You have to copy following files:
- The file to your personal Maya plug-in directory.
- The openColladaExporterOpts.mel file to your Maya scripts directory.
- the openColladaImporterOpts.mel file to your Maya scripts directory.
You can also define a environment variable "MAYA_PLUG_IN_PATH" and put the
so-file into the refered directory. Autodesk Maya will load the plug-ins
from this directory too.
When you start Autodesk Maya, go to the menu
Window > Settings/Preferences > Plug-in Manager
and load the plug-in "" from the extended list.
Now you can export your maya scene into a COLLADA file.
Maya plugin loader bug:
Maya error: "Failed to find COLLADA exporter"
It's a known bug that sometimes in some maya versions maya don't recognoize the
last converter on the list. To fix this, load a extra plug-in after the fact
and it should work.