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Geometry Score: A Method For Evaluating Generative Adversarial Networks

Python implementation of the algorithms from the paper. If you use this algorithm in your research we kindly ask you to cite our work

  title={Geometry {S}core: {A} {M}ethod {F}or {C}omparing {G}enerative {A}dversarial {N}etworks},
  author={Khrulkov, Valentin and Oseledets, Ivan},
  journal={arXiv preprint arXiv:1802.02664},



Basic usage

import numpy as np
import gs
X = np.random.rand(1000, 2)
rlt = gs.rlts(X, L_0=32, gamma=1.0/8, i_max=100, n=100)
mrlt = np.mean(rlt, axis=0)

For more details see the MNIST example and toy examples .

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