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This repository has been archived by the owner. It is now read-only.
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This is a legacy repository for use with KiCad 4.0.x. It will no longer be maintained. The new repositories are found here:

KiCad Library

This repository contains the official schematic and 3D libraries supported by the KiCad library team.

The footprint libraries are the *.pretty repos themselves and are used online by default. If you want to download them locally, the library-repos-install.bat and scripts in the KiCad source can do this automatically.

How to Contribute

Please, check the file, or refer to the Wiki Page.

Further Information


The schematic and 3D libraries for KiCad 4.0. Note that the footprint libraries are the *.pretty repos themselves. This is an orphaned repo, the news about the v5 libs,




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