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Document the props of your components in storybook.


Why not react-storybook-addon-info ?

Quite simple, because he doesn't handle fela correctly and i use it on my project.

Getting started

Install storybook-addon-props-fela :

yarn add storybook-addon-props-fela
// OR
npm i --save storybook-addon-props-fela

Then in your storybook import and add the addon :

import { setAddon, storiesOf } from '@kadira/storybook';
import PropsAddon from 'storybook-addon-props-fela';


Once you added the addon, a new method is available for your stories addWithProps.

addWithProps is the same as the default function of storybook add except the fact that it takes a third parameter. This third parameters is the component from which you want the props.


To use the full power of this addon, your component need to provide propTypes and defaultProps. The addon support flow and use it for the required property (it's quite a minimum support for now, i think we can do more with flow later).

import React, { PropTypes } from 'react';
import { setAddon, storiesOf } from '@kadira/storybook';
import { createComponent } from 'react-fela';

import initFelaProvider from './initFela';
import PropsAddon from '../../lib/index';

const FelaProvider = initFelaProvider();

const test = ({ color }) => ({
  fontSize: 35,

const Test = createComponent(test, 'h1');
Test.defaultProps = { color: '#333' };
Test.propsTypes = {
  color: PropTypes.string,


storiesOf('test', module)
    () => <Test fontSize={45} fontFamily="Roboto" align="center" color="#CAF200">Hello</Test>,
  .addWithProps('Orleans', () => <Test color="#236544">Hello</Test>, Test);

storiesOf('test 2', module).addWithProps('Paris', () => <div color="#333">test</div>);

If your component is enhanced with a decorator for example, you'll need to pass the rawComponent.

For example for a component like this:

import React, {PropTypes} from 'react';
import {createComponent, connect} from 'react-fela';
import R from 'ramda';
import getContextThemeDecorator from 'layout/themes/getContextThemeDecorator.react';

import {Text} from 'components/baseComponents';
const badge = ({theme}: BadgeProps) => ({
    position: 'absolute',
    top: 0,
    right: 0,
    opacity: 0.85,
    color: 'white',
    padding: '3px 10px',
    borderRadius: '20%/50%',
    transform: 'translate(50%)',
    lineHeight: 1,
    overflow: 'hidden',
    whiteSpace: 'nowrap',

const container = ({small, tiny}: ContainerProps) => ({
    display: 'flex',
    position: 'relative',
    width: small ? 45 : tiny ? 25 : 70,
    height: small ? 45 : tiny ? 25 : 70,

const Badge = createComponent(badge, Text);
const Container = createComponent(container, 'div');
export const Avatar = ({badge, border, small, tiny, theme, ...props}) => (
    <Container {...props}>
        <DefaultAvatar {...{border, small, tiny}} />
        {badge ? <Badge {...{theme}}>{badge}</Badge> : null}

Avatar.defaultProps = {
    border: true,
Avatar.propTypes = {
    avatar: PropTypes.string,
    badge: PropTypes.string,
    border: PropTypes.bool,
    small: PropTypes.bool,
    tiny: PropTypes.bool,

const enhance = R.pipe(getContextThemeDecorator);
export default enhance(Avatar);

you write your story like this :

import React from 'react';
import {storiesOf} from '@kadira/storybook';
import Avatar, {Avatar as RawAvatar} from 'components/material/avatar.react';

export default FelaProvider =>
    storiesOf('Avatar', module)
        .addWithProps('without picture', () => <Avatar />, RawAvatar)
        .addWithProps('without picture small', () => <Avatar small />, RawAvatar)
        .addWithProps('without picture tiny', () => <Avatar tiny />, RawAvatar)
            'with picture',
            () => <Avatar avatar="" />,
        .addWithProps('with badge', () => <Avatar badge="0 pts" />, RawAvatar);


addWithProps(kind, story, rawComponent)

Show the story with the props.

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