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@KillzXGaming KillzXGaming released this Apr 26, 2020

This is the latest build of the tool automatically built from the latest commit!

Message: Fix XTX replacing having incorrect block height

Timestamp: 2021-07-25T20:51:51.0000000Z
If this program does not open, make sure to unblock the zip file then extract! For textures make sure you install this if they do not show or crash! Requires a minimum of .NET Framework 4.6 which you can get here

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@KillzXGaming KillzXGaming released this Mar 28, 2019

Note this build is from last year and is very outdated. More stable builds will be created soon!

I decided to release an early beta release! Note this is very early and planned to be polished out more this month. I wanted to give this to hold people off till final!

If this program does not open, make sure to unblock the zip file then extract!

For textures make sure you install this if they do not show or crash!

Requires a minimum of .NET Framework 4.6 which you can get here

Planned v0.9 and v1.0

  • Rework UI completely many speed improvements and memory optimization. Keep most tasks in separate threads.
  • Add custom UI for exceptions, loading screens, and more.
  • Add proper loading bars for long tasks.
  • Add user data editor for bfres and bntx.
  • Finish Wii U support for NSMBU and fix Wind Waker HD from crashing.
  • Add animation importing for all types.
  • Update shaders to look better and finish support for PBR.
  • Improve audio player and make a custom one for bfwav and bfstm.
  • Parse shaders to get some useful data out of them.
  • Import bones for model importing.
  • Import textures included for model importing.
  • Create new bfres, fmdls, bntx, bea, sarc, etc from scatch.


v0.8.71 - 0.89

  • Fix saving switch bntx causing a crash (also from saving .bfres aswell)
  • Fix saving switch bntx files with 1 texture causing a crash.
  • Fix texture pattern animations from glitching.
  • Fix some issues with bad swizzling.
  • Fix kcl errors on latest.
  • Fix issues where editing attributes (calculating tangents, normals, uv flipping, etc) wouldn't save properly.
  • Update kcl lib to latest. May fix exploding issues.
  • Flip uvs automatically for csv model imports.
  • Add option to flip uv's for entire fmdl.
  • Fix exporting assimp models not opening in blender or max. Atm they need to be .dae, but should work fine for static models.


  • Added tex2 support for BOTW wii u. Need to select an existing tex2 file for now to replace the mip maps. Recreating them will be next update.
  • Fixed Wii U materials from saving improperly.
  • Added support for saving Wind Waker HD bfres.
  • Added vertex color option for editing a mesh/fmdl.
  • Fix mat params not saving properly.
  • Display konst colors in mat editor.
  • Fix ftex replacing having issues.
  • More misc bug fixes and improvements.

v0.8.6 - v0.8.69

  • Support bntx user data. May fix some crashes for those that need it.
  • Fixed some crash issues.
  • Fixed csv imports becoming invisible.
  • Fixed yaz0 compression not having alignment set. Should fix any issues with .szs saving crashing the game.
  • Fixed DDS mip generation to create the proper default count. Should allow png, jpg, etc to be compressed back into .nutexb as it's the same size.
  • Have DDS compression support multi threading. BC7 textures should compress significantly faster now.
  • Update Switch bfres library to latest with minor fixes.
  • Many more fixes and improvements.

v0.85.2 - v0.8.59

  • Fixed exporting models (static for now)
  • Fixed some WiI U bfres not culling properly.
  • Fix importing DDS files
  • Fix Wii U textures saving with wrong channel type.
  • Show properties for wii u textures.
  • Fix texture importer not importing all textures at once.
  • Add proper point filtering for Wii U.
  • Add toggle for mesh visibility in treeview.
  • Fix some crashes resaving a bfres that was already saved.
  • Play animations properly on wii u.
  • Update importing textures properly.
  • Fix shader colors being incorrectly used.
  • Add proper placeholder textures for wii u if missing to prevent crashes.
  • Add basic textures if unused for the imported model (if materials are used)
  • Fix wii u material params saving some invalid data
  • Fix texture refs being saved for wii u.
  • Added option to disable importing new materials when replacing an fmdl. Note this will make
    all objects mapped to the first material and texture mapping will not be automated.
  • Batch export and replacing of bfmats.
  • Fixed wii u importing with wrong face primitive type (caused wire frame visual effect).
  • Basic transform tool (right click fmdl, transform)
  • Fixed rotation import setting where normals would break.
  • Fixed DDS being read by program after saved
  • Add support for .dds2 extension
  • Quick bug fixes for importing textures.
  • Auto updater.
  • Fix DDS exporting for DX10 formats.
  • More Misc fixes.


  • Basic .nutexb dds injection. Must be same width/height and format due to .arc size limitations atm!

v0.8.4 - v0.8.5

  • Textures for Wii U deswizzle properly thanks to AboodXD.
  • Zstb compressed files will be detected and decompressed automatically on open.
  • Textures BC1-BC5 will show properly if DirectXTex is not working on older windows versions. Small work around atm.
  • Improper transformations (like bad rotations) should be fixed now.
  • Basic GTX file viewing
  • Fixed BNTX texture alignment if there is only one texture present in the file.
  • Many more bug fixes to enhance the user experience.


  • Support all nutexb formats from .arc.
  • Fix brightness issues for nutexb srgb (using unorm for decoding atm).

v0.8.2 Changelog

  • Fixed nutexb errors (incorrect sizes)
  • Batch exporting nutexb works properly now. Will export with offset for unique name.
  • DDS save properly to open in photoshop and other programs.

v0.8.1 Changelog

  • Fixed error messages and freezes from nutexb.

v0.8 Changelog

  • DDS compression reworked allowing png importing, and previewing of all DDS formats from DirectXTex.
  • Exporting/importing of all animation types as binary.
  • .Nutexb previewing/exporting. (and batch exporting)
  • DAE/FBX rigging supported. Models will no longer show invisible.
  • Improvements to BFRES library. Some games may work better now.
  • Channel types are now set on import. May fix normal map issues.
  • Archives use double click for opening files
  • DDS cubemaps can be imported
  • GFPAK repacking (untested)
  • Animations for skeleton animations can be played (thanks to smash forge).
  • Improvements to UI. May load quicker.
  • Update bake map placeholder textures to look proper.
  • Many improvements and big fixes!

v0.72 Changelog

  • Fixed crashes from RGBA DDS.
  • Added an option to disable viewport. (May be quicker, and for those who use old GL versions).

v0.71 Changelog

  • Stability improvements.
  • Add byml editor back in.
  • Some bug fixes and exception issues

This tool currently features:

    • Model importing (dae, fbx, obj, and csv)
    • Material editing (Render info, texture mapping, parameters, etc)
    • Material copying
    • Animation and model sub section can be exported/imported.
    • Can delete, add, replace individual objects from an fmdl.
  • BNTX
    • Can add/remove textures both Wii U and Switch.
    • Can import textures as DDS. (Thanks to AboodXD! png/jpeg, etc planned later)
    • Can export as binary, dds, png, tga, etc.
    • Can preview mipmap and surface(array) levels.
  • GTX
    • Can preview textures.
    • Can export as binary, dds, png, tga, etc.
    • Can preview.
  • SARC
    • Supported editing/saving data opened. (Automatically saves data opened in objectlist if supported)
    • Supports padding (Thanks to Exelix and AboodXD)
    • Can save sarcs in sarcs in sarcs.
  • BARS
    • Can extract and replace audio files.. (rebuilds the file)
  • KCL
    • Preview collision models.
    • Replace/Export as obj (Thanks to Exelix)
    • Can extract font images and preview their image arrays (BNTX)
    • Can extract, edit, and rebuild (untested).

There's many more features planned and coming soon in later versions! (BFSAR edits, Bfres animation edits, etc)

Assets 3