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Asyncio-based automatic CLI creation tool using prompt-toolkit
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Coroutine-based CLI generator using prompt_toolkit, similarly to the built-in cmd module.

How to install?

Simply use pip3 install aiocmd

How to use?

To use, inherit from the PromptToolkitCmd class and implement the do_<action> for each command.

Each command can receive arguments and optional (keyword) arguments. You then must run the run() coroutine to start the CLI.

For instance:

import asyncio

from aiocmd import aiocmd

class MyCLI(aiocmd.PromptToolkitCmd):

    def do_my_action(self):
        """This will appear in help text"""
        print("You ran my action!")
    def do_add(self, x, y):
        print(int(x) + int(y))

    async def do_sleep(self, sleep_time=1):
        await asyncio.sleep(int(sleep_time))
if __name__ == "__main__":

Will create this CLI:


Extra features

You can implement a custom completion for each command by implementing _<action>_completions.

For example, to complete a single-digit number for the add action:

class MyCLI(aiocmd.PromptToolkitCmd):
    def _add_completions(self):
        return WordCompleter([str(i) for i in range(9)])


You can also set a custom prompt and aliases parameters for the class (example in docs).

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