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Various tools and helpers to read assembly metadata.
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Included features:

  • BinaryCompatChecker - a tool that given a set of managed assemblies will detect binary incompatibilities, such as types missing from referenced assemblies, missing methods, etc.
  • RefDump - given an assembly prints a list of all types from all referenced assemblies used by the current assembly. Can also dump both typerefs and memberrefs to an Xml file.
  • Pdb
    • extract .pdb information from a .dll/.exe debug directory (Pdb Guid, age, path to .pdb)
    • download the .pdb from symbol server
    • determine if a .dll matches a .pdb
    • find a matching .pdb in a folder for a given .dll
  • IsManagedAssembly.cs - a single .cs file to very quickly determine if a .dll or .exe represents a managed assembly.
  • ReadAssemblyVersion - quickly read an assembly's version
  • LargeAddressAware - sets the LargeAddressAware bit in a 32-bit executable to unlock 4GB memory space
  • MVID - Quickly read an assembly's MVID

Reading an assembly MVID

Mono.Cecil stripped down to a single file to read assembly MVID without dependencies.

Here are the various ways to retrieve the MVID of an assembly:


Just embed this file:

var mvid = ImageReader.ReadAssemblyMvid(filePath);

Cold run on a warm file: 7ms


var module = Mono.Cecil.ModuleDefinition.ReadModule(filePath);
var mvid = module.Mvid;

Cold run on a warm file: 16ms


This has the downside that it loads the assembly:

var assemblyName = AssemblyName.GetAssemblyName(filePath);
var assembly = Assembly.Load(assemblyName);
var mvid = assembly.ManifestModule.ModuleVersionId;

Cold run on a warm file: 33ms


using (var stream = File.OpenRead(filePath))
    PEReader reader = new PEReader(stream);
    var metadataReader = reader.GetMetadataReader();
    var mvidHandle = metadataReader.GetModuleDefinition().Mvid;
    var mvid = metadataReader.GetGuid(mvidHandle);

Cold run on a warm file: 76ms

BenchmarkDotNet paints quite a different performance picture:

               Method |        Mean |    StdDev |
--------------------- |------------ |---------- |
  ReadUsingReflection | 208.2023 us | 0.4036 us |
         ReadUsingSRM |  98.9620 us | 0.3674 us |
       ReadUsingCecil | 153.1947 us | 0.3085 us |
 ReadUsingImageReader | 147.0230 us | 1.2618 us |

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