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Join KisanHub Team

Step one to join KisanHub, solve this exercise.


  1. Data parsing and modelling - Server side - use Python + Django or any other language, web framework you are comfortable with.

    a) Use above URL and write code to programatically download the data for Max temp, Min temp, Mean temp, Sunshine, and Rainfall for UK, England, Wales, and Scotland regions.

    b) Create appropriate data model using Django ORM to store the above data.

    c) Write code to store all of the downloaded data from 1.1 in the data model built in 1.2 (please use database engine of your choice). The file download and data storing process has to be fully automated and user should be able to run it multiple times without any duplication of data etc.

  2. Build a visualisation component for this dataset using HTML5, CSS, AngularJS or JS (feel free to decide what JS libraries you use). How will you present this data to the user? What kind of plots/charts will you use? How will the data grids look like? Use your imagination and creativity.

  3. Take Q2 forward and find 3 interesting facts from the above dataset and present it to us.

  4. Deploy the entire solution to one of the IaaS providers and send us the URL. Please host your code on GitHub or upload it either on Google Drive or DropBox or send it as an attachment to or using the careers form at