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Anki Vector - Node.js API


The project is largely unmaintained as I have purchased and am waiting for the "Open Source Kit" and "Escape Pod" from Digital Dream Labs, the company that bought Vector from Anki. I am sure those releases (estimated July 2020) will obsolete this package.


Learn more about Vector:

gRPC calls this library has access to:

Python SDK documentation:


Getting Started

Follow steps here to set up your Vector robot with the SDK (future versions of this API will not require this step). After you've got the Python SDK setup and working you can proceed to setup the Node.js API:

Pass values obtained from %home%/.anki_vector/sdk_config.ini directly into the constructor. Then initialize the API and use it!

    var VectorAPI = require("anki-vector-nodejs");
    var vector = new VectorAPI({
        VECTOR_SN: "01234567",
        VECTOR_NAME: "Vector-R2D2",
        VECTOR_IP: "",
        VECTOR_BEARER_TOKEN: "abcdefghijkl1234567890==",
        VECTOR_CRT: "/home/user/.anki_vector/Vector-R2D2-01234567.cert",
        DEBUG_LEVEL: "info" // Not found in the sdk_config.ini. Available options: "trace", "debug", "info", "error", "fatal"
    // List out all available methods
    // Should be the same (or mostly the same) as:
    var routes = vector.listMethods();
    routes.forEach((route) => {
        console.log(`Route ${} : `);
        console.log(`         req fields: ${JSON.stringify(route.requestFields)}`);
        console.log(`         res fields: ${JSON.stringify(route.responseFields)}`);
    // Actually call a method
    console.log("Asking Vector about his protocol version...");
    vector.client.ProtocolVersion({"client_version": vector.VECTOR_CLIENT_VERSION, "min_host_version": vector.VECTOR_MIN_HOST_VERSION}, (err, result) => {
        if (err){
            console.log("Error", err);

Make Vector say something:

    vector.client.SayText({"text": "Hello Everyone", "use_vector_voice": true, "duration_scalar": "1.0"}, (err, result) => {
        if (err){
            console.log("Error", err);

Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions

This Node.js library is a personal project and IS NOT affilated with Anki Inc or Digital Dream Labs. Please post issues in the Github issue tracker rather than to Anki or Digital Dream Labs support.


A Node.js library for interacting with the gRPC services provided by the Anki Vector robot.




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