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Libraries and Programs for Onion Omega access to GPIO, I2C and Arduino
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A suite of libraries and programs that provide access on the Omega to GPIO pins, I2C devices and connected Arduino systems.

The components that make up the suite are:

  • libnewgpio – a C++ library for access to Omega GPIO pins
  • libnewi2c – a C++ library that provides Omega access to I2C devices
  • libarduino – a C++ library that provides Omega access to Arduino systems connected via I2C; makes use of the libnewi2c library on the Omega and requires use of arduino-omega based code on the connected Arduino
  • arduino_omega – source for an Arduino C++ library to run on an Arduino to allow access from the Omega libarduino code
  • iotemplate – a template for a C++ program that can be used as the basis for user written code that makes use of libnewgpio and/or libnewi2c and/or libarduino libraries on the Omega
  • i2cscan – a simple standalone program that scans for the existence of I2C devices connected to the Omega. Makes use of the libnewi2c library
  • gpioirq – a simple standalone program that triggers execution of user supplied commands on interrupt(s) from Omega GPIO pins. Makes use of the libnewgpio library
  • gpioexpled – a simple standalone program for control of the Omega Expansion Dock LED. Makes use of the libnewgpio library
  • omegaio – a sophisticated standalone program that provides full command line access to the functionality in libnewgpio, libnewi2c, libarduino libraries on the Omega. Provides some basic scripting facilities

See file Omega-GPIO-I2C-Arduino.pdf for overview documentation

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