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⚠️ SassyJSON was an experimental project. It is not meant to be used in production. If you need to transit JSON data from and to your Sass layer, have a look into Eyeglass and Sassport.

SassyJSON is a Sass-powered API for JSON. It provides you the classic json-encode and json-decode directly from your Sass files. We'll leave you the only judges of the point of this.


SassyJSON is available on npm or as a Ruby Gem.


git clone && cd SassyJSON


npm install sassyjson --save-dev

Compass extension

  1. gem install SassyJSON
  2. Add require 'SassyJSON' to your config.rb
  3. Import it in your stylesheets with @import 'SassyJSON'


If you only want to play around the code without cloning the repo or using npm, you can find a single file containing the whole API in the dist folder.

Also, SassyJSON is available at Sassmeister.


Encoding Sass to JSON


$map: ((a: (1 2 ( b : 1 )), b: ( #444444, false, ( a: 1, b: test ) ), c: (2 3 4 string)));

@include json-encode($map);


/*! json-encode: '{"a": [1, 2, {"b": 1}], "b": ["#444444", false, {"a": 1, "b": "test"}], "c": [2, 3, 4, "string"]}' */

body::before {
  content: '{"a": [1, 2, {"b": 1}], "b": ["#444444", false, {"a": 1, "b": "test"}], "c": [2, 3, 4, "string"]}';

head {
  font-family: '{"a": [1, 2, {"b": 1}], "b": ["#444444", false, {"a": 1, "b": "test"}], "c": [2, 3, 4, "string"]}';

@media -json-encode {
  json {
    json: '{"a": [1, 2, {"b": 1}], "b": ["#444444", false, {"a": 1, "b": "test"}], "c": [2, 3, 4, "string"]}';

If you want to restrict the output to only one of the three drivers (comment, media query or regular output) you can pass a flag as the second parameter with one of the four following keywords: all, comment, media or regular. Default is all.

Decoding JSON to Sass

$json-decode: json-decode('{"a": [1, 2, {"b": 1}], "b": ["#444444", false, {"a": 1, "b": "test"}], "c": [2, 3, 4, "string"]}');
// ("a": 1 2 ("b": 1), "b": #444444 false ("a": 1, "b": "test"), "c": 2 3 4 "string")

Importing and decoding a JSON file

To importe and decode an external .json file directly into a Sass variable:

@import 'SassyJSON'; // Import SassyJSON first!
@import 'relative/path/to/file.json?variable-name';
// Do something with $variable-name


  • the path to the JSON file is relative to importing file
  • the get parameter is the variable name to use it in Sass


All you need is a clean version of Sass 3.3. Otherwise it's just pure Sass madness.


You need

  • NodeJS
  • Ruby
  • Sass 3.3 via gem install sass --pre
  • grunt-cli via npm install -g grunt-cli

How to

  1. Fork this repository
  2. Run npm install
  3. grunt dev
  4. Make your changes + write tests
  5. Commit + Pull request