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Here is a Compass Extension providing you all functions you need to manipulate your Sass strings.

What's in there?

  • char-at($string, $index): returns the character from $string at index $index
  • levenshtein($a, $b): returns the Levenshtein distance between $a and $b
  • str-count($string, $needle): counts number of occurrences of $needle in $string
  • str-ends-with($string, $needle): returns whether $string ends with $needle
  • str-explode($string, $separator): explodes $string on $separator occurrences
  • str-implode($list): implodes $list into a string
  • str-last-index($string, $needle): returns last index of $needle in $string
  • str-lcfirst($string): turns first letter of $string into lower case
  • str-pad($string, $length, $pad: " ", $direction: left): pads $string with $pad to match $length starting from $direction
  • str-printf($string, $elements...): replaces occurrences of %s in $string by elements from $elements
  • str-repeat($string, $times): repeats $string $times times
  • str-replace($string, $old, $new: ""): replaces $old by $new in $string respecting $case-sensitive
  • str-reverse($string): reverses string
  • str-rot($string, $rot: 13): rotates letters in $string of $rot position in alphabet
  • str-shuffle($string): shuffles letters in string
  • str-split($string): splits $string into a list of characters
  • str-starts-with($string, $needle): returns whether $string starts with $needle
  • str-trim($string): removes white spaces before and after $string
  • str-ucfirst($string): turns first letter of $string into upper case
  • str-word-count($string): counts number of words in $string
  • stringify($literal): casts to stringify

As well as default Sass core functions:

  • str-index
  • str-slice
  • str-length
  • str-insert
  • to-lower-case
  • to-upper-case

If you feel like an explorer, you can have a look at the code here.


  • Sass ~> 3.4.0
  • Compass ~> 1.0

Some functions depend on other functions. If you include functions individually, make sure to check for these dependencies in their respective docs.


Huge thanks to Marc Mintel for his help.

Advanced usage

If you experience naming conflicts or want to add your own error handling and dependency checker feel free to use the functions in stylesheets/private. These functions do not add any kind of error handling so use them at your own risk!