Use ImageMagick to resize CouchDB image attachments.
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couch_image_resizer is a simple web service that can serve CouchDB document attachments and, if the attachment is an image, is able to resize it using the convert program that is part of the ImageMagick tool suite. Resized images are held in an in-memory LRU cache, whose configurable size is 128 megabytes by default.


  • Erlang (it has successfully been tested with versions >= R14B)
  • CouchDB (it is intended to be used via CouchDB's HTTP proxy API, which is available in versions >= 1.1.0)
  • ImageMagick


In order to run couch_image_resizer with its default settings, you just have to compile it, start it, and configure CouchDB accordingly.


cd couch_image_resizer
curl -X PUT \
     -d '"{couch_httpd_proxy, handle_proxy_req, <<\"\">>}"' \

Alternatively, instead of the last line above, the CouchDB proxy handler can also be configured via Futon or the CouchDB configuration file local.ini. Simply add a section like the following under [httpd_global_handlers]:

_image = {couch_httpd_proxy, handle_proxy_req, <<"">>}


There are two configuration files located in config/: elog.config and couch_image_resizer.erlenv. The former contains the configuration for the Erlang logger, while the latter contains all other configuration, including the path of the Erlang logger configuration (which is config/elog.config by default).

When invoked without any argument, uses config/couch_image_resizer.erlenv by default. In order to make it use a different configuration file, simply pass it the configuration file path as an argument.


Here, we assume that couch_image_resizer is configured as _image proxy handler in your CouchDB, which is running locally on the default port 5984.

Assume that you have got the image profile.jpg attached to your document user in your database db2, and you would like to resize it to a size of 1024 * 512 pixel, with its original aspect ratio being ignored. All you have to do, in order to get the scaled version of the image, is to prepend /_image to the path and add a query parameter resize, whose value specifies the desired image geometry. That is, instead of, simply request!.

Everything that is a valid ImageMagick geometry is supported for the resize query parameter value. For instance, if you would like the image to have an area of exactly 400 pixel, simply specify 400@ as the resize query parameter value.

As an alternative to the resize query parameter value, the geometry can also be specified as X-Imagemagick-Resize request header value.


couch_image_resizer is built off the following libraries:

Kudos to Bob, Chandrashekhar, and Filipe, but also to everybody else who contributed to those great pieces of code!