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Rad view renderer

Allow to guess a view when the controller does not return a Response.

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Install the library:

$ composer require knplabs/rad-view-renderer

If you are using Symfony, add the bundle inside your AppKernel.php:

$bundles = array(
    // ...
    new Knp\Rad\ViewRenderer\Bundle\ViewRendererBundle(),


Let's take the following controller:

namespace App\Controller;

class TestController
    public function someAction()
        return ['foo' => 'bar'];

By default the rad view renderer will take a look of the request content type in order to guess wich kind of render it will use. It exists many kind of renderer that can display many content types.

You can disable some native renderers using the renderers parameter in your config.yml:

    renderers: [controller, twig]

The twig renderer

One of the most useful renderer, it takes the controller class in order to guess the template to display. For example:

App\Controller\TestController::someAction => @App/Resources/views/Test/some.%format%.twig
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