A glue library for guile and libxdo provided by xdotool
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This is a rather simple wrapper around libxdo, provided by xdotool, for Guile using a currently unofficial fork of libxdo.

libxdo replacement?

Since this project uses an inofficial version of libxdo I thought it was only fair to justify this.

Why change libxdo at all?

There are honestly very little need for it at all; libxdo, in it's official version, is a very nice library and easy to work with. Being so close to perfect the inconcistencies in the naming convention really bothered me. Therefor I decided to fix this and as I already done the changes it felt like there was no real use to write my own piece of code towards the official version instead of myown.

The alternative codes

  • modded xdotool - The main differences between this version of xdotool and the official one is that this includes a different naming convention, an extra helper function and some renamed functions. I have also severly reduced the number of compiler warnings that xdotool has which of course could introduce problems but no such ones has been found yet in my testing.
  • modded keynav - Since my first and foremost use of xdotool is via keynav I thought it was only proper to provide a version of keynav that works with my version of xdotool. This only has fixes to call functions with the right name.