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Pallium is an experimental golang homeserver implementation for the Matrix.org standard.

Matrix is a new open standard for interoperable Instant Messaging and VoIP, providing pragmatic HTTP APIs and open source reference implementations for creating and running your own real-time communication infrastructure.

To get up and running:

# get the latest Go from https://golang.org/dl/
# and define a GOPATH for your Go workspace if you don't have one already:
export GOPATH=~/go
mkdir -p $GOPATH

# grab the latest pallium with all its dependencies:
go get github.com/KoFish/pallium

# set up a default config
cd $GOPATH/github.com/KoFish/pallium
cp config.json.dist config.json

# edit the hostname param in config.json to specify how the server
# should refer to itself and expect to be accessed from the internet
# (use localhost for local experimentation)

# set the server running. This will create a local sqlite db for storage
# and start listening for traffic.

To use the server, select a client from matrix.org. For instance, to use the webclient hosted at https://matrix.org/beta against your new server, just specify the URL of your pallium server (e.g. http://localhost:8008) as the "Home Server" parameter on the login and registration pages rather than http://matrix.org. You do not need to enter the captcha, as pallium does not support captcha-based registration yet.

Currently pallium does not support the full Matrix API set, so the webclient may well not work correctly

Alternatively, to run your own webclient:

git clone http://github.com/matrix-org/matrix-angular-sdk

...and follow the instructions in syweb/webclient/README

For more information on Matrix, please see Matrix.org, the Matrix Specification or Synapse - the Python reference Matrix home server implementation.