🛠️ A boilerplate for quickly starting a web extension with Vue, webpack 4, ESLint and more!
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This template allows you to quickly start a web extension containing:

  • Boilerplate for manifest.json and background.js files, and for icons / popup folders
  • Vue
  • Vue-router (configurable)
  • Vuex (configurable)
  • Axios (configurable)
  • Webpack 4
  • Babel with preset-env
  • ESLint (configurable)
  • Prettier (configurable)
  • A git precommit hook for running Prettier by using pretty-quick or precise-commits (configurable)
  • CSS extraction, with mini-css-extract-plugin
  • A script for removing eval usages to comply with the Content Security Policy of Chrome/Firefox web store, is automatically called for each build
  • A script to package your extension into a .zip file



$ vue init kocal/vue-web-extension my-extension
$ cd my-extension
$ npm install
$ npm run build

npm run build

Build the extension into dist folder for production.

npm run build:dev

Build the extension into dist folder for development.

npm run watch

Watch for modifications then run npm run build.

npm run watch:dev

Watch for modifications then run npm run build:dev.

It also enable Hot Module Reloading, thanks to webpack-chrome-extension-reloader plugin.

⚠️ Keep in mind that HMR only works for your background entry.

npm run build-zip

Build a zip file following this format <name>-v<version>.zip, by reading name and version from manifest.json file. Zip file is located in dist-zip folder.