A C implementation of Arma modding tools (PAA conversion, binarization/rapification, PBO packing). (WIP)
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A cross-platform, open-source C implementation of Arma modding tools (PAA conversion, binarization & rapification, PBO packing, key generation and signing). It aims to provide a complete reimplementation of the entire process, but is able to use the official BI tools on Windows for building P3Ds if it can find them, as P3D conversion is still incomplete (and most likely will never be fully complete). Terrains and RTMs are not supported at the moment (I recommend binarizing RTMs once and then using the binarized version in your repo for now).


Designed for Automation

armake is designed to be used in conjunction with tools like make to build larger projects. It deliberately does not provide a mechanism for building entire projects - composed of multiple PBO files - in one call. armake itself also does not do any threading. However, it is safe to run multiple armake instances at the same time, so you can use make to run, say, 4 armake instances simultaneously with make -j4. For examples of Makefiles that use armake, check out ACE3 and ACRE2.

Decent Errors & Warnings

armake aims to provide developers with expressive and useful error messages, without trying to be smarter than them. It allows disabling most warnings and tries to only error out if a complete build is impossible or impractical.

No P-drive

To enable armake to run on non-Windows systems without hacky workarounds, and because it's a terrible idea in general, armake does not make use of the P-drive for finding include files. Instead - like with other compilers - you provide the folders to search for includes in the armake call.


Unlike other Arma modding tools, armake includes no timestamp information in the built files. This means that - given two identical source folders - armake will produce the exact same output, bit for bit. This means that your team doesn't have to distribute a single build to make sure you're each testing the same PBOs, you can simply build it in multiple places and compare file hashes. This doesn't include cryptographic operations of course.

Note that there can be newline differences in different instances of the same git repo, depending on your settings. While they don't matter for config rapification, files with weird newlines copied into the PBO directly might ruin your PBO's hash comparison.


(Tests ran on a 2 core Windows VM using PboProject v2.24.6.43 and armake commit 54079138)


From Source

$ make
$ sudo make install


  • GCC
  • OpenSSL development libraries (libssl-dev on Ubuntu)

Arch Linux

PKGBUILD or PKGBUILD (development)

$ pacaur -S armake      # or use yaourt or whatever AUR helper you use
$ pacaur -S armake-git

Ubuntu & Other Debian Derivatives


$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:koffeinflummi/armake
$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install armake



    armake binarize [-f] [-w <wname>] [-i <includefolder>] <source> [<target>]
    armake build [-f] [-p] [-w <wname>] [-i <includefolder>] [-x <xlist>] [-k <privatekey>] [-s <signature>] [-e <headerextension>] <folder> <pbo>
    armake inspect <pbo>
    armake unpack [-f] [-i <includepattern>] [-x <excludepattern>] <pbo> <folder>
    armake cat <pbo> <name>
    armake derapify [-f] [-d <indentation>] [<source> [<target>]]
    armake keygen [-f] <keyname>
    armake sign [-f] [-s <signature>] <privatekey> <pbo>
    armake paa2img [-f] <source> <target>
    armake img2paa [-f] [-z] [-t <paatype>] <source> <target>
    armake (-h | --help)
    armake (-v | --version)

See armake --help for more.


  • Mikero for his great documentation of the various file formats used.
  • T_D for great documentation, lots of pointers and even some code contributions.
  • jonpas for all kinds of help with development and testing.
  • kju for some pointers and "PR work".
  • Glowbal for the name.
  • 4d4a5852 for his work with a3lib.

Used Libraries


This isn't official BI software. As such, it may not compile certain addons correctly or lag behind BI when new file format versions are introduced. As stated in the GPL, this software is provided without any warranty, so use at your own risk.