How to write utxo based CryptoConditions contracts for KMD chains - by jl777
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Mastering CryptoConditions - UTXO Based Smart Contracts

This repo consists the raw text documentation on Komodo CryptoConditions Smart Contracts, written by Komodo Platform core developer jl777 (James Lee).

Raw documentation text

All the chapters are plain text files.

Formated documentation text draft

All chapters are compiled to a nice draft in Markdown format which you can read in file.

RPC Documentation of Example CryptoCondtions Contracts

There is a work in progress RPC documentation for the first example/demo CryptoConditions smart contracts which you can find in docs directory.

Translations and Community Contributions

We are open to accept updates to this documentation with any improvements, updates, corrections, translations, example CryptoContracts code and such.

Please feel free to push a pull request with your changes and our team will be happy to merge the changes after review.


Happy coding smart contracts on Komodo Platform!