The unofficial GoPro Wifi API, for HERO2, HERO3, HERO3+, HERO4, HERO+ and HERO5 cameras. Completely free and open source
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GoPro Wifi Hack

The unofficial API for GoPro cameras (The WiFi enabled models)

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This is a community effort to document the API calls betweenGoPro cameras and GoPro's Smartphone App via WiFi. It has 4 sections for each camera model:

  • WiFi commands: a list of WiFi commands you can use for the camera.
  • Livestreaming: methods of getting a live video feed off the camera.
  • Media Browsing: Instructions on getting media off the SD card via wifi.
  • Camera Status: List of camera status meanings

Note: HERO4 camera is now the base for the future API, since the calls will be the same for HERO4 and above.

Regarding GoPro's official Developer Program

GoPro offers an official SDK for communicating with GoPro cameras, which can be used with a yearly subscription. This repository exists since November 11, 2013 and has been providing an up to date and free GoPro API for all WiFi Enabled models. This will continue to be the same. GoPro released their closed source and paid API in April 14, 2016. By the time, both companies and hobbyists have been using this API to get their products and services working with GoPro cameras.

This API will be updated as I get access to newly released cameras, if you are a company, I highly recommend to enroll in the GoPro developer program.


3rd Party Library/API wrappers list


  • Konrad Iturbe - main developer
  • dough29 - HERO2 research
  • EvilWombat - general and HERO3
  • 3v1n0 - HERO4 research
  • Maelstrom Napalm - HERO4 research
  • fraannk - HERO4 research
  • Sonof8Bits - Python script
  • GitHub contributors
  • and finally GoPro for allowing us to tinker with their cameras and not shutting down this unofficial API like instagram or snapchat, that means a lot.