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Controlling GoPro from RaspberryPi over Bluetooth

In order to connect to GoPro over Bluetooth, you need Raspberry Pi with Bluetooth Low Energy support, meaning Rasperry Pi 3, 3+ or Zero W, possibly other older models with working Bluetooth 4.0+ dongle.

GoPro needs to be paired at least with one device to turn the wireless (including Bluetooth) on.

Following procedure was tested on Raspberry Pi Zero W with Raspbian Stretch (release 2018-04-18) and GoPro HERO5 with FW 2.60.

How to

First step is to prepare Raspberry. If you already have Raspbian set up, you can skip to the next section

  1. Download latest Raspbian Lite

  2. Flash it onto SD card using Etcher

  3. After flashing, create ssh file in the root of the SD card (volume boot) to enable ssh access:

    cd /Volumes/boot/
    touch ssh
  4. Turn on Raspberry and SSH into it (default username pi, password raspberry)

  5. Better to upgrade:

    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get upgrade -y
    sudo apt-get dist-upgrade
    sudo rpi-update
    sudo reboot

Now it's time to connect Raspberry to GoPro.

  1. Put GoPro into pairing mode (Connect new device > GoPro App)

  2. Run:

    sudo bluetoothctl
  3. Scan for devices:

    scan on

    and after a while, you should see GoPro's Bluetooth address (among others):

    Discovery started
    [CHG] Controller B8:27:EB:E2:EB:2D Discovering: yes
    [NEW] Device DE:71:28:EE:A7:FD GoPro 2495
  4. Now we need to pair GoPro with Raspberry. Replace with your GoPro's Bluetooth address and run:

    trust DE:71:28:EE:A7:FD

    then you should see:

     [CHG] Device DE:71:28:EE:A7:FD Trusted: yes
     Changing DE:71:28:EE:A7:FD trust succeeded
  5. Run (again replace):

    pair DE:71:28:EE:A7:FD

    then you should see something like this:

    Attempting to pair with E6:2A:02:F5:C3:00
    [CHG] Device DE:71:28:EE:A7:FD Connected: yes
    [CHG] Device DE:71:28:EE:A7:FD Paired: yes
    Pairing successful

Now GoPro is paired with Raspberry. Now you can try to wake up your GoPro over Bluetooth.

  1. Turn off the GoPro, then run (putting in your Bluetooth address):

    connect DE:71:28:EE:A7:FD

    and GoPro should wake up and light up the display

Let's continue and try controlling GoPro over Bluetooth.

  1. Disconnect from the GoPro and exit bluetoothctl utility:

  2. Run:

    sudo gatttool -t random -b DE:71:28:EE:A7:FD -I

    – don't forget to replace the Bluetooth address.

  3. Try to connect:


    and you should see:

    Attempting to connect to DE:71:28:EE:A7:FD
    Connection successful
  4. Now try to run:

    char-write-req 2f 03160101

    and GoPro should start beeping – you've just turned on the locate function over Bluetooth!

  5. To stop beeping, run:

    char-write-req 2f 03160100

But probably what you want the most is ability to turn on the WiFi over Bluetooth.

  1. In that case, just run:

    char-write-req 2f 03170101

    to turn the WiFi on and

    char-write-req 2f 03170100

    to turn the WiFi off.

This is just a first try to control GoPro over the WiFi. In case you want to elaborate more, take a look at this article from HYPOXIC (especially the Bluetooth section). And you can learn more about the gatttool.

If you have problems with making Bluetooth on your Raspberry working, try to look at this tutorial.